Видео – 2013

/ Театр «Тонелгруп Амстердам», Амстердам, Нидерланды. /


Scenes from Marriage

Illuminating Bergman’s world, Ivo van Hove’s theatrical adaptation invites audiences to intimate onstage spaces in which three sets of actors portray Johan and Marianne at different ages. Simultaneous performances converge, bringing their universal battle for love, identity and understanding to a surprising conclusion.

/ Театр «NO99», Таллинн, Эстония /


Pedagogic Poem

This show, created by a team of young artists, explores the hidden side of the acting profession, twisting inside the most bizarre and unexpected ideas, revealing the feelings of the people, to build a relationship with this very difficult job. "Pedagogical Poem" - a play not for any audience. After touring the many Russian cities, he left the audience and many conflicting responses. But it was not indifferent.

/ Театр «Бюф Дю Нор», Париж, Франция /


Magic Flute

"This " The Magic Flute" will not be what you imagined it. Beaten characters and stage effects are excluded, and instead we'll see the eternally youthful Mozart in the company of talented young singers who are not afraid to improvise, to search for new forms and new colors . " Peter Brook

/ Давид Эспиноза/Эль Локаль, Испания /


MI GRAN OBRA (My great work)

My Great Work is what I would do if I had an unlimited budget, the largest theatre in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military orchestra, a rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter. David Espinosa