Dear friends


When we were learning the basics of theatrical professions, teachers taught us that a constant search for new forms is a good theater tradition. You cannot dwell on something once found, it is impossible to preserve forever something brilliant and extract the dividends for the subsequent work. Truly gifted people are always curious, always open for something new. Theater is born in searches. The theaters of the world send each other absolutely unpredictable artistic impulse. Inspiration in the mind of the artist can be born from a single, accidentally seen picture.
For 17 years we try to maintain that connection, as a small but important link in the chain of exchange, called the context of world art. We hope to work on ensuring its smooth operation for many more years.

Making the program of 2015, we suddenly realized that no matter what, most of our program is new names. Three names that have become iconic for European theater will be opened to the Russian public. We also invited the director, who first visited Russia two years ago, during NET-2013. And, of course, the overall picture will be complemented and completed with the selection of first-class Russian premieres.