Только актуальная клубная музыка 2016 от популярных DJ
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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ


18 & 19 November at 20.00

Zagreb Youth Theatre (Croatia)

Director — Oliver Frlji?

Hamlet: Kre?imir Miki?
Claudius: Sreten Mokrovi?
Gertrude and Ophelia: Nina Violi?
Polonius: Pjer Meni?anin
Laertes: Jasmin Telalovi?
Horatio: Goran Bogdan
Rosencrantz: Vedran ?ivoli?
Guildenstern: Petar Leventi?
Gravedigger and Priest: Milivoj Beader

The name of Croatian director Oliver Frlji? longtime ago has become significant for main theater festivals all over the world. He has won plenty of prizes. NET Festival presents the very first Russian tour of the Croatian theater.

This new/old Hamlet reverberates the memory of a quenching and mesmerizing reality, the effects of which we are facing every day and upon whose madness we ceaselessly stumble upon. Moreover, no matter how much it seems to us that by multiplying the same, we are confirming familiar models, in a relocated segment, in a crevice, a literary or theatrical slot, in discontinuity, lack, disappearance, precipice, smothering, in an uncertainty… we notice a dissimilarity.

Neither the issues of duality of power, nor its political mechanisms, or repeating of the images of the crime, or remorse after the sin, or different forms of madness evoked by internal or external forces, or metaphysical pain caused by the lack of love… Nothing is as alien to us anymore that we would not come to think we have seen, experienced, lived, or rather survived it someplace already.
Furthermore, is it courage to dare to re-cast Hamlet in not-so-heroic times when it becomes clear that, no matter how brave, our own struggles would not bring us to any solution, while, for a long time now, our future does not depend on Fortinbras’ willingness anymore.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Premiere: March 8, 2014

The performance is in Croatian with Russian subtitles.


©Mara Bratos


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