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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ

Lecture about nothing

November 17th, 18th and 19th at 8 and 10 pm

[tab name=”Show”]Lecture about nothing

POST Theater

POST Theatre presents the premiere of a new performance by Dmitry Volkostrelov. It’s a first Russian stage production of one of the major John Cage’s texts, Lecture on Nothing. Outstanding American composer, philosopher, poet, artist and thinker — he was emblematic culture figure of the 20th-century, though in Russia he remains well-known and important person only for a small part of the professional musical community. Meanwhile Cage’s interdisciplinary works are universal and comprehensive, and his ideas influenced the development of modern art in many ways — and we know that there are some people who call themselves Cage’s spiritual heirs: musician Frank Zappa, artist Robert Rauschenberg, Radiohead’s founder Thom Yorke, theater director Robert Wilson (he owns the most famous scenic interpretation of the Lecture on nothing). Trying to answer the question «what is music?» Cage significantly expanded our understanding of art as such and moved the boundaries of the art species.

Dmitry Volkostrelov about the concept:

«John Cage is very important person for the POST Theatre. We are trying to follow his ideas and highlight those corners of contemporary art, which are still stay in the dark. Our current usage of Lecture on Nothing can be considered deeply symbolic: we think it’s a duty of POST Theatre to do this. Back then Cage reminded to everyone that music is the most universal art among the others, and that revolution, which he made by his composer’s practice, opened up new paths for all the arts in general. And with the production of Lecture on Nothing we will try to bring this piece of music inside our contemporary theater context».


Author – John Cage

Director – Dmitry Volkostrelov

Producers – Anstasia Matisova, Dmitry Korobkov

Cast: Ivan Nikolaev and Alyona Starostina

Max. amount of the spectators — 12 persons

Duration: 60 min

Premiere – 2013

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