Только актуальная клубная музыка 2016 от популярных DJ
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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ


Directed by Marat Gatsalov

Designer Ksenia Peretrukhina

Composer Sergej Newski

Cast: Ludmila Troshina, Roman Shaliapin.

December 4-5 at 8pm

Lungs – is a discourse between a man and woman about what lies at the heart of their desire to have a child. If you drive a car and use plastic bags, i.e. pollute the planet in every conceivable way, is it ethical to give birth to a child? What will be destroyed first: the environment or relationships between a man and a woman? Duncan Macmillan is a renowned, award winning British playwright, a favourite of the critics. Katie Mitchell’s production of Lungs toured to Moscow in 2014 as part of NET Festival Programme. “The writer insists that the set is reduced to a minimum, the text is not divided into acts or scenes. If you play the card of realism, the airy (as suggested by the title) ‘dotted’ structure of the play disappears” (Anton Dolin).

One of the most exciting plays of recent times, Lungs will be staged at the Theatre of Nations by young but already very experienced director Marat Gatsalov, recently Programming Director at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre. His ongoing collaborator Ksenia Peretrukhina, a contemporary artist, will design the show. One of their most successful collaborations August. Osage County was nominated for the Golden Mask Award in 2012.


Photo: Ekaterina Grigorieva