Только актуальная клубная музыка 2016 от популярных DJ
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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ
Octopus - 6


November 14th at 8pm

If we consider Sombreros, that bright interplay of white and black, as a oscillation between a dancer and his shadow, and Coeurs crois?s as a smart revue of feathers and skin, then this new piece can be considered a precipitate of the dance art of Philippe Decoufl?.

The artist, ever the illusionist, plays here with his favourite motifs, and opens out to other spectres. From solo to choral choreography, this variation in scenes cedes the way to jubilation, but the statement is without doubt tempered by an unusual gravitas.

“Within reach of hand, the accelerated world seems so evasive. It is essential that we take back our time, get into the right tempo, get back our breath as we utter the verses of Gherasim Luca quickening words to life: another meaning may emerge from these sounds. We need to pause more in the heat of the romantic, joyous, or feverish encounter.

Streams can also be of those which are woven together from one person to another, with or without restriction. Desire becomes the linchpin as the body strives to free itself from the entanglement of lines or the shackles of preordained borders. Up to us now to create new lines of perspective, by moving around inside this baroque dance which unhinges the doors to off- beat, burlesque worlds, making fun of established perspectives.

Bodies become witty, with outpourings or suspensions…”.? And, suddenly, time seems to stand still in the intensity of an instant, through the grace of human presence: the solo of a female dancer – see her so precise – or the emotion of a duo. A black and white duo, vibrating to the sound of an oscillating voice spanning the gamut from a sombre deep to a childlike crystal.

Extract of the National Theater of Rennes’ Programme – 5th of October 2010

Cast & Credits

Direction & Choreography : Philippe DECOUFL?

Original music and live interpretation : Labyala NOSFELL, Pierre LE BOURGEOIS

Dancers : Flavien BERNEZET, Alexandre CASTRES, Meritxell CHECA ESTEBAN, Ashley CHEN, Cl?mence GALLIARD, Sean Patrick MOMBRUNO, Alexandra NAUDET, Alice ROLAND

Lighting design and stage management : Patrice BESOMBES & Bego?a GARCIA NAVAS?Video design : Philippe DECOUFL?, Laurent RADANOVIC, Olivier SIMOLA, Christophe WAKSMANN

Costume design : Jean MALO, Charlie LE MINDU?Set design : Pierre-Jean VERBRAEKEN?Set construction and Stage managing : L?on BONY,Thomas BOUDIC, Pascal REDON Sound : Edouard BONAN, Jean-Pierre SPIRLI?Lights : Denis GOBIN?Video Managing : Laurent RADANOVIC?Special guest performer : Christophe SALENGRO?Texts : Christophe SALENGRO, Gherasim LUCA (Herm?tiquement ouverte, with the authorization of « Les ?ditions Jos? Corti »)?Dance coach : Daphn? MAUGER

Executive director : Frank PIQUARD?Technical director : Lahlou BENAMIROUCHE?Production : Charlotte RENAUD with Juliette MEDEVIELLE International touring : Esther WELGER-BARBOZA?Press : Doroth?e DUPLAN – Agency Plan Bey

Acknowledgements : Richard Laillier, Thibault Pradet, Beno?t Simon,Topolino, Warner Chapell Music France, Yohji Yamamoto and the Th??tre National de Bretagne’s team.

Production : DCA Company – Philippe Decoufl??Coproduction : Th??tre National de Bretagne – Rennes, Th??tre National de Chaillot – Paris, Movimentos Festwochen der Autostadt in Wolfsburg, La Coursive – Sc?ne Nationale de la Rochelle, Torinodanza, Th??tre de N?mes

DCA Company is funded by DRAC d’Ile-de-France – Minist?re de la Culture et de la Communication, le Conseil G?n?ral de la Seine-Saint-Denis and la Ville de Saint- Denis, where it is located.?Philippe Decoufl? has been « associated artist » to theTh??tre National de Bretagne since January 2010.

L’Institut fran?ais supports the DCA Company for its international touring.

« Our set designer and friend Pierre-Jean Verbraeken died on the 7th april 2011. He created all kind of special effects, mechanisms, flying effects and little gadgets for the shows of the DCA company from Decodex (1986) until Octopus (2010). Theses performances are dedicated to him. »

Philippe Decoufl?, choreographer and director

Dancer, choreographer, director and artistic director