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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ

Oliver Frlic


Croatian theatre director. Was born in 1976.

Today is considered one of the most remarkable and radical directors in his country. The winner of many national and international awards. Successfully sets his performances all over Europe: Germany, Poland, Serbia, etc. Among his interests are Chekhov, Vvedensky, Buchner, and Shakespeare. However most of all he is keen on the new Croatian drama.

In 2013 his performance “I hate the truth!” was presented at Wiener Festwochen, one of the world’s biggest festivals. This performance was based on the Serbo-Croatian family conflict, so typical for the times of Yugoslavian breakup. The director is usually focused on the acute social and political conflicts. His explosive and frank works in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia are aimed at detecting the most subtle and painful wounds, provoked by the ethnic clashes.

His performances often speak out loud the things that people are afraid to pronounce even in their own families.

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