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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ

Scenes from Marriage

November 29th and 30th at 7 p.m.

Johan and Marianne appear to be the perfect couple, but this paragon of married life is systematically dismantled scene by scene. Half-truths, lies and deceit lead to the painful decline of their marriage. And yet, they cannot let go. What starts out as the marriage from hell gradually becomes a search for unconditional and selfless love. Scenes from a Marriage depicts the dichotomy between feigned invulnerability and basic emotional needs, between the desire to please others and an uncomfortable self-interest, between believing that we can change and accepting our own failings.

Illuminating Bergman’s world, Ivo van Hove’s theatrical adaptation invites audiences to intimate onstage spaces in which three sets of actors portray Johan and Marianne at different ages. Simultaneous performances converge, bringing their universal battle for love, identity and understanding to a surprising conclusion.

Ingmar Bergman
Drawing on almost thirty years of marriage experience with five different spouses, Ingmar Bergman (1918–2007) was able to write the screenplay to his hit film “Scenes From A Marriage” in three months. Bergman felt a strong connection with his lead characters Johan and Marianne: “I became very fond of these people during the writing process. They generally talk a lot of nonsense, but now and again will say something of substance. They are nervous, happy, egotistical, stupid, friendly, wise, willing to make sacrifices, affectionate, angry, loving, sentimental, insufferable and endearing”.

Ivo van Hove
«Scenes from marriage» shows us how man is forced to rely on himself in a world without God, how in Western civilization he is at risk of losing his identify, and how difficult it is to live in our open society.

Director – Ivo van Hove

Actors: Laura de Boer, Roeland Fernhout, Janni Goslinga, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Hugo Koolschijn, Hadewych Minis, Celia Nufaar, Alwin Pulinckx, Benjamin de Wit, Sigrid ten Napel

Author – Ingmar Bergman

Dramaturge – Bart van den Eynde

Translation – Karst Woudstra

Scenographer, costume design – Jan Versweyveld

Costume design – Wim van Vliet

Assistant director – Jorinde Keesmaat

Assistant scenographer – Roel Huisman

Casting – Hans KemnaMarc van Bree

Coproducer – Kaaitheater

Head of technique & production department – Wolf-G?tz Schw?rer

First stage manager – Arist Richartz

Production leader – Angelina Kroft

Publicity – Mette Raaphorst