Только актуальная клубная музыка 2016 от популярных DJ
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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Directed by: Vasily Berezin

Music directors: Maria Tefera Marchenkova, Alexandra Moroz

Musicians: Diana Solntseva, Daria Strelkova, Daria Zvezdina, Alina Petrova

Cast: Alexander Chusov, Olga Mikhailova, Alexander Kurlov, Svetlana Marshankina, Nikita Shchetinin, Kamilla Mukhlisova, Mikhail Khoteenkov, Yury Lobodenko and local residents of the abandoned train shed

This performance is a sort of user’s manual telling us about what is there waiting for us afterlife. The action is set in an abandoned train shed at Kursky railway station, constructed in 1916. Covered with graffiti, the building neighbours on a newly built posh business centre.

All stench from the railway station stretches towards the derry along the inscription left here by russian graffiti artist Kirill Who ‘Everything is held together with the help of of beams’. Besides performers there are homeless people around; they have brought their bodies over here to sleep or have food. Thanks to those truly local residents the theatre makers realized that their show is a comedy. They were stunned by their magic ability not to fall into despair, but to take each stroke of fate with a humorous undertone. The performance itself is not about death, it is more about life, and the stream of time where there is still so much to manage.

The play takes place in an abandoned train shed of the Kursky railway station.Approx address: 9 Zemlianoy Val, Moscow


BookoftheDeadmap2 BookoftheDeadmap

We express special thanks to: The Police department of Basmanny District; Joint Stock Company of Russian Railways; Moscow School of New Cinema and Electrotheatre Stanislavsky for the equipment.

The show premiered on 29, 30 August 2016

Duration 1h (no interval)

Organizers strongly advise to fortify yourselves agains cold weather