Только актуальная клубная музыка 2016 от популярных DJ
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Только актуальная клубняк 2016 от популярных DJ
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Ubu roi

November 21th & 22th at 8pm

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 Cheek by Jowl

“As a species, we prefer to talk of the innocence of our childhoods than to remember our potential cruelty. The selfishness and easy brutality of this period we regard as infantile, as easily consigned to the past once we are older, once we have become “civilised”. Some commentators have even attributed our lack of early memories as a defence against the memory of our own overwhelming feelings – feelings so negative that we shame to own them.

What do we do with our feelings that are not civilised? Civilisation often demands that we ignore or deny them. We all want to be civilised – but there is a price to be paid for civilisation. And the price, on occasion, is madness.

M?re and P?re Ubu – excessive, antisocial, thunderously dynamic with no other goal beyond the acquisition of power itself, frighten as much as they amuse us. Do they hark back to the selfishness and violence of our own childhoods? The play enacts above all a vicious, menacing infantilism – as violent as it is childlike. UBU articulates the potential violence that lies within us all.

Whether the work of a genius or a schoolboy scribble, this product of a fin-de-si?cle hungry for new forms displays an unprecedented simplicity reconnecting us with perhaps our most basic instincts.” Declan Donnellan


Director – Declan Donnellan


Bordure – Xavier Boiffier

M?re Ubu – Camille Cayol

P?re Ubu – Christophe Gr?goire

Le Roi Wenceslas – Vincent de Bouard

La Reine Rosemonde – C?cile Leterme

Bougrelas – Sylvain Levitte


Designer – Nick Ormerod

Associate Director – Michelangelo Marchese

Associate and Movement Director – Jane Gibson

Assistant Director – Bertrand Lesca

Costume Supervisor – Angie Burns

Lighting Designer – Pascal Noel

Composer & Sound Designer – Davy Sladek,

with additional music by Paddy Cunneen

Video Designers – Benoit Simon and Quentin Vigier

Voice Coach – Val?rie Bezan?on

Fight Director – Fran?ois Rostain

Technical Stage Manager – Dougie Wilson

Lighting and Video – Vincent Gabriel

Sound – Cl?mentine Bergel

Wardrobe – Marina Aguilar

ASM/Props – Jeanne Birckel and Camille Riquier

Surtitles translation (English) – Harold Manning

Surtitles operator (English) – Edward Fortes

Company Manager – Edward Fortes

Original Production Manager – Manuel Vidal

Consultant Producer – B?atrice Catry (Th??tres et Cie)


Produced by Cheek by Jowl in a co-production with the Barbican, London, Les G?meaux/Sceaux/Sc?ne Nationale and La Com?die de B?thune – Centre Dramatique National du Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

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