/ Театр «Саша Вальц и гости», Германия /



For the first time Sasha Waltz develops a dance piece based on the structure of a classical music composition. The music will be performed live on stage together with vocal accompaniment of four »Schubert-Lieder«. The dance like the music create in a subtle way emotional states between weightless floating and being off balance. Sasha Waltz researches in her work the existential questions of the human body with its vulnerability and beauty. Dance at its most riveting, at once unmasking, manipulating, and ultimately exalting in the innumerable aspects that make us human.

/ Театр Шаубюне /

Kristina - 1

Schaub?hne »Miss Julie«

Strindberg's classic tragedy tells how the aristocratic Julie encounters the servant Jean in the kitchen of the manor. Jean's fianc?e, Kristin also comes and goes and eventually falls asleep in the kitchen where Jean and Julie continue to flirt with one another, uninhibited by her presence. In the early hours of the long summer night Julie accompanies Jean to his room and sleeps with him. But after the night of passion the roles are reversed: Jean is now the stronger one, and Julie the humiliated. Jean convinces Julie to steal money from her father and to elope with him, but when the Count returns and rings for him, Jean reverts back to his role as the humble servant. He gives Julie his razor and convinces her that the only way for her to escape her predicament is to commit suicide.

/ Компания DCA – Филипп Декуфле, Франция /

Octopus - 6


Bodies become witty, with outpourings or suspensions...”.? And, suddenly, time seems to stand still in the intensity of an instant, through the grace of human presence: the solo of a female dancer - see her so precise - or the emotion of a duo. A black and white duo, vibrating to the sound of an oscillating voice spanning the gamut from a sombre deep to a childlike crystal.

/ Театр «Кредо», Болгария /


The Overcoat

An interpretation of CREDO TTHEATRE after GOGOL ‘ s novel. A story in which an overcoat-trap comes to life, trapping an entire human life. The life of an ordinary clerk who died at the loss of his overcoat and after his death started roaming the streets of Peterburg as a ghost. A ghost stripping the overcoats off the shoulders of everybody.